Friday, July 17, 2009

Like So Many Dominos

Another domino falls. And another. At what point do people wake from their slumber? At what point do people realize that priorities as a whole have become woefuly skewed? At what point do people realize that their apathy toward God has serious consequences not only for themselves, but to many others around them? At what point do people realize that saying one thing and doing something else was onced called hypocritical, and still is? At what point does realization strike that if people do not seek God then he is not found?

And another...

The consequences build. How much must be lost before people turn back? Is stubborness worth the price? What does it gain?

And another...

It doesn't take much time, only a stubborn and apathetic people. Disarray comes quickly upon those who do not care. Which will be the last? How much will have to be rebuilt? How long will that take? I fear to ask any of these questions.

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