Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What About Bill?

It is an amazing universe we live in. Despite the insanity created and maintained by us humans that seems never ending, nature knows nothing of it and cares even less. One can easily be absorbed in the mindless squabbling of the world, and while each argument and fight carries its own weight of importance, it is nice to separate from time to time and focus on the other complexities of our surroundings. God created a vast universe both large and small, and the variations in size seems as vast as the quantity of its makeup. From the micro-organisms to the swirling galaxies...from the particles of a rain drop to the fires of the sun. Each is different, endlessly complex and mesmerizing. The world around us can serve as a way to refocus our minds on the creation of God and how we are truely nothing without Him.

This is why I enjoy weather and watching it happen. At my last count, I appear to be the only person hoping that Hurricane Bill pays a visit to New England next week. But that's ok. If it comes, I suppose I'll be the only one to enjoy it. For me it's a chance to experience a piece of the power and wonder of God and the world He created. There are so many things on this world that are powerful beyond imagination. Volcanoes, floods, hurricanes... each, while distructive, are still fascinating to observe. Each is just another piece of the complexities of creation.

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