Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Switching Sites

The time has come to move my website on to bigger and better things. Xanga was great, but as you'll soon see, Blogger allows much more freedom. I admit that I will miss Xanga, but hopefully for you -the people who read this site- you will not notice the difference. I reproduced the layout of the last site as closely as I could since I know a lot of people were fond of it. It was hard work, because while Blogger gives me more freedom, it also asumes that I am a web creating expert. Hopefully thanks to Blogger, I will learn to be. All of what you see was done with Macromedia and hopefully as I begin to feel more and more ambitious, this site will only improve.

Blogger alows for several things that Xanga could not offer. Here are some of the things to look for:
  • Most importantly... ANYONE can now leave comments! I will now expect everyone who reads this site to at least be kind enough to leave a comment.
  • No ads! ...although I can choose to have ads on my site, and if the readership is high, they'll pay me :)
  • Archived posting. So to go back in time to read an old article, click on the archive links in the right sidebar. It is organized by title (for the most recent articles) and by month (for older ones)
  • You can post here too! Provided of course I like you and agree to let you ;-) But seriously, if anyone wants to submit an article for the site, all you will have to do is e-mail it to a super secret e-mail address, and it will post automatically.
  • Full HTML/CSS control of the site... although this is a benefit for me, it will benefit the rest of the readers too because it will allow for a much better site in the future.

The Xanga site will stay where it is, although I will no longer be posting to it. To visit it go to . And to answer the question "why did you change the name of the site to 'Serentae', and what does it mean?" ... I changed the name because I wanted something more original. The word is translated "The Stars" in reference to the wonders of God's creation.

Enjoy the new site, look for new posts and changes... and LEAVE COMMENTS!

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