Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Apathy Breeds Ignorance

Far too many of the problems around the world develop from a lack of understanding on any particular issue. For example, Venezuela just voluntarily voted to give Hugo Chavez the open door to dictatorship and socialism despite the fact that people living under dictators or socialist governments have always been miserable. Or people’s belief that our new President will see to it that our cars are always filled with gasoline and other goodies, as a cause to vote for him. Or embryonic stem cells will cure all our diseases, when they haven’t succeeded in curing a single thing yet. Or how a socialist economic policy can revive a capitalist system and still remain a “free market”.

Why do people believe these things? The simple answer is ignorance.

The longer answer is apathy.

Unfortunately we live in a “feel good” society. No one wants to work harder than they have to…even then it’s too much. Our affluence has breed apathy. And our apathy has bread ignorance. Is this unique to our time and culture? Probably not. However, people’s lack of curiosity and learning has consequences. For example, if the people of our country had any real understanding of what “nationalization” or “socialism” really means, they would never allow what’s going on in this country at this moment. However, not only do they not know anything about these matters, they don’t even believe it’s happening in most cases! The only reason for this is apathy which breeds instant ignorance. It’s not until reality slaps them in the face (and by then it’s often too late) that the apathy snaps and they begin to learn and act. It wasn’t until Hitler had demonstrated his evilness that (some) of the Germans began to dislike him, but by then they were powerless.

This ignorance is costly. Literally and figuratively. In our immediate case, it’s going to cost this nation more money than we can fathom to recover from the greater mess and inflation our government’s policies will inflict. It will also cause a lot more suffering; especially if the socialism marches on into other matters besides monetary policy. Socialism succeeds in making people equally miserable, which is evidenced in any socialist country you wish to examine. But most people don’t care to look. Instead they think with their feelings, wishes and hopes…their ignorance on the issues.

There are plenty of ways of getting informed, but all require work. But the work stems from a desire to know. If one is apathetic, then ignorance will always follow closely after.

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