Saturday, September 25, 2010

Something Better To Do

There's always lots to do when you own a home. But we are blessed with great family and friends who enjoy helping us. We've only lived in this house for three months, but already so much has been done. And not through little effort on our part. However, so much of it wouldn't have gotten done without the kind assistance of our family and friends. Everything from helping us move, to lending us equipment, to volunteering time, to electrical assistance, to helping plant new plants, to digging out weeds, to dragging brush, to cutting down trees, to hanging a heavy television, to stacking wood, to transporting furniture or appliances, to many gifts...and the list goes on.

It's truly appreciated and means a great deal to us. We feel blessed beyond measure as we know not everyone has such an array of people in their lives who are as generous. I, for one, enjoy helping people, but I haven't experienced this kind of help in my own life until recently. Not that people wouldn't have done things before, but because living in an apartment doesn't require work or assistance in the non-work. Living in a house gives you something better to do with your time. It keeps you busy; and that is a good thing at times. I'm just glad that people found it worthwhile to help us in our initial period of adjustment.

And I have no doubt that one day we will be given the opportunity to return the favors. Hopefully many times over.

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